Kit List For Highland Fling

This is the list of kit I used for completing the 53 mile Highland Fling.

I also wore a RatRace baselayer compression top underneath a Nike DriFit t-shirt.

This will be the last time I wear Hoka Rapa Nui as I found they don’t have enough space in the toe area to prevent blisters of my little toes when feet swell.

The Injinji socks worked well, preventing rubbing of my toes on each other.  These will be a ‘go to’ sock in future!

Likewise the Tribesport shorts were incredibly comfortable.  I personally wouldn’t pay the £55 retail value for them but as these were a gift from Runners World UK magazine I am seriously considering revising my position as they worked brilliantly.

The Ultimate Direction SJ 3.0 Race Vest was perfect.  Lightweight, with bottles that have wide openings for refilling ease and plenty of easily accessible pockets.  The only drawback is that the bottles do not have drinking tubes.  I remedied this by using my tubes from my Inov8 race vest bottles and they worked superbly.

The comfort levels of the vest were unsurpassed from all I have tried before so this was a pleasing purchase and one that’s proven to be good value.

And finally, the Epson Runsense SF810 GPS watch.  Again, this was given to me by Epson to test and provide independant reviews.  What I love about this watch is the battery life.  It lasts for days.  GPS tracking is reasonably accurate too.

If you have any questions about any of the kit listed above, message me or comment below and I’ll offer you my unbiased opinion.  I am not paid or sponsored to promote any of these brands and I have called out the two items I have been gifted historically that I chose to use for the race.


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