Everything is ‘No Problem’

Sounds easy doesn’t it?  But for many, myself included, it’s actually quite hard.

You see there is something ingrained within most of us to be naturally skeptical and suspicious of anything that tries to make light of a situation.

After all, why settle for a crisis when you can have a drama?

But let’s examine for a moment our own personal histories.  Think of a time when something didn’t quite go to plan.  In fact, think of the time that the shit really did hit the fan and you thought that nothing could ever compare to how bad things were.

And did your fears at that time come true?

And even if they did, so what?  You are still able to read this so it can’t have been as bad as it felt at the time can it?

One of the things I’ve learned during my training and running long distances is that things will rarely go to plan.

The first thing to do is to accept what is happening.  Don’t try and disguise it, avoid it or blow it out of proportion.

Then ask yourself, “so what is the impact right now?”

Once you know what the size of the challenge is you then ask yourself, “what can I do to change the situation?”

And as humans, we like to complicate things….so we create the most complex of activity so that if it doesn’t succeed we can say it was too difficult.  But the best solution is quite often the simplest one.

We’ll try our hardest to subconsciously set ourselves up for failure because quite simply, we want to be proved right.  If you think you’re unlikely to succeed, you’re right.  If you think you’re going to succeed, you’re right.

Our minds control what we do.  Where you focus your mind, your activity will drive you.

So my friends, if you start to see EVERYTHING as no problem, and I mean EVERYTHING, then your mindset switches to one of successfully navigating hurdles rather than seeing obstacles.  And where the mind goes, the actions follow.

So the next time the dog decides to relieve itself on your floor in a morning, or the washing machine breaks down, or the car doesn’t start, or you find your beloved has done that thing you’ve asked them a million times not to do because it drives you mad…..repeat after me. EVERYTHING IS NO PROBLEM.

Easier said than done, but practice creates a habit and a habit leads to repetition which leads to results!


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