Am I Overtraining?

It’s a rhetorical question.  I know the answer.  Yes.

My legs ache, I’m tired.  Resting HR is up.  I don’t want to go out and train.

Ever get those days?  Weeks? Months?

My training plan (see previous post) is balanced and has space for rest and recovery.  Okay, I’m wanting to do more than is in plan but so far I haven’t.

I know my eating is where it needs to be too.

But I do know that work has picked up a lot just at the moment, I’ve got a lot of with Scouts (did I mention I’m a Scout Leader?) and we’re just 2 weeks away from our family holiday so lots going on.

So today I took a small lie in.  That’s right, I slept until 7am instead of the usual 5am and I’m not going to berate myself for doing so.

We’re all human.  We have plans and goals but sometimes other factors beyond our control come into play.  Simple fact is if I overtrain I will be getting worse not better, so what’s the point?

I’ll also be grouchy, moody, irritable, tearful, knackered, look like shit, feel like crap and generally be miserable.  Wow, what an incentive to overtrain there is 😂.

So back to the question.  Am I overtraining?

Based on how I feel right now the answer is yes.  My plan is okay BUT I’m not feeling it and if I keep pushing I’m going to go backwards.  This is where listening to your body is invaluable.  

So what do I do?  I take it easy.  I relax. I focus on other things and don’t push for times or effort levels.  I just enjoy what I’m doing for the love of doing it.

Here’s some top tips to check if you’re training when you should be resting:

  1. Is your resting HR elevated?
  2. Are you experiencing colds and sniffles more frequently?
  3. Is your appetite decreasing?
  4. What’s your mood like?  Has it changed?  If you were a miserable b@stard before training and still are, don’t worry!
  5. Are you jumping out of bed or having to crowbar yourself out?
  6. What’s your body shape doing?  Is it staying the same or even gaining fat or getting leaner?

You’ve got to treat your training like you treat your husband/wife/partner.

Go hard when you want to and can but be prepared to change plans at the last minute and have to interpret subtle signs to avoid an almighty blow up!


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